Daily Devotional

June 10, 2018

Real Faith Works

When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? – Luke 18:8

While visiting with my wife’s grandmother, she related to us an account of how faith in God brings wonderful results. When she was a young girl, her folks decided to attend the Apostolic Faith Church camp meeting in Portland, Oregon. Their desire was to grow closer to the Lord. Though they did not have any money, they moved into a tent on the campground and trusted that God would provide for them.

Between church meetings, her father looked for small jobs, trying to make enough money to get by. He would mow lawns, wash windows, and whatever else he could find to do. One morning, they were down to twenty-five cents. He gave the money to his wife and told her to buy the children a little food. She went shopping and bought corn flakes and milk for ten cents each. When she returned, she gave the extra nickel to her husband. Then he went out to look for more work.

He searched but found no jobs to do that day. With the one nickel in his pocket, he went to a fruit stand and bought two cantaloupes. He returned to the campground feeling a little dejected. After all, he had a family to feed. Had they made the right choice to come to the camp meeting with no money?

When he walked up to the tent door and looked in, he saw all kinds of food on the table! He was shocked. “Where did this come from? How did you get the money to buy this food?” he asked. His wife answered, “Do you remember that old wagon that you left at your grandfather’s home years ago? Well, somebody bought that wagon, and they sent the money to the campground. It was in an envelope at the camp office just waiting for us.” God had provided!

God rewards our faith today, too. When we pray, do we expect an answer? Or do we worry and fret despite having asked the Lord to meet our need? Let’s pray with faith—believing and expecting that God will reward our faith.