Daily Devotional

January 5, 2020

The Sweet Ways of the Lord

The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. – Psalm 19:9-10

What fun my young grandchildren and I have when we get to spend time together! One of the things they love best is learning to blow bubblegum with Grandma. They watch me intently as I form an indentation in the gum with my tongue and then blow a bubble. Then they try to imitate me and blow their own bubbles. They struggle and struggle, often in vain, and sometimes end up popping the whole piece out of their mouths! Of course, Grandma always brings extra gum, so another piece is certainly available.

As adults, we can still sometimes find ourselves struggling and striving to accomplish things in life. The most frustrating examples may come when we see what others have accomplished and then want to have the same opportunities ourselves—things like driving a new car, being successful in a particular career, enjoying a certain type of relationship, or any number of items. It is important, however, that we only desire the things that the Lord wants for us, and that we only imitate His way of doing things.

Like the sweetness of the gum I was chewing with my grandchildren, the activities that we are involved in can also bring “sweetness” to our lives. But we soon learn that some activities have a long-lasting sweetness and some only offer an initial sweetness, followed quickly by tastelessness. If we are following God, He will always encourage us to participate in the activities that bring real joy and contentment to our lives, and He will teach us how to do those things well. We should never be concerned or distracted with what others have or what others are doing. There is no reason to be desirous of something that others have or do, because God has a perfect and individual plan for each one of us. And it will be perfectly satisfying!

My grandchildren think it is especially funny when I pop a big bubble and end up with the telltale bubblegum stuck to my nose. In a similar fashion, what we have been “chewing” in life is often reflected on our faces. If we are the children of God, we will have a true satisfaction that will be visible to everyone around us. In fact, when they see that satisfaction on our faces, they might even ask how we found it so they can get it too. Following the Lord will never disappoint us; it can only bring sweet blessings to our souls.