Daily Devotional

December 7, 2017

Where Do You Dwell?

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. – Psalm 90:1

Years ago, there was a dear, elderly woman in my congregation who lived in a tiny, unlovely house. I can still remember her sweet testimony—she had no complaints or self-pity. In praising the Lord for His blessings, her memorable words were, “I’m in the presence of Jesus.” It was simply put, but what a beautiful testimony to have! She was not sad, lonely, or afraid because He was there beside her. Although her frail body was stooped and her steps were hesitant, her face shone with the beauty of Jesus.

Psalm 90 is written about the experience of Moses as he was wandering in the wilderness with a mixed multitude. As we picture the itinerant life of a nomad with its uncertainties and sparse comforts, it is hard to imagine setting up a tent and not knowing how long the food supply will last. There may or may not be enough water for family and herds to drink, not to mention all the other needs for which we rely upon water. Many other difficulties also accompany this lifestyle.

Moses, however, put his trust in God, and placed his security in the Eternal One, the Holy One of Israel. He had encountered God’s presence at the burning bush and was in no doubt about his own mission in life. The wonders Moses had seen performed since then crystallized his trust in God’s watchful care.

In our own lives, circumstances may be indefinite—our schools, our friends, our health, our jobs. The future is hazy at best. However, we take comfort in knowing that a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without the Father seeing, and Jesus said we are of more value than many sparrows (Matthew 10:29-31). Although it is easy to find ourselves doing so, we need not be anxious about any detail. God is our Rock, our Shelter, our Strong Tower, our Dwelling Place. The peace that accompanies this knowledge imparts serenity in the face of trials, and it quiets the troubled soul.

Where are we dwelling? The best place is to dwell in His presence, where God’s omnipotence can be our home.